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At 4Tors, Inc. we can design an exciting experience for your youth or adult team to improve their skill level by playing against top teams from around the world or participating in clinics with coaches from clubs like Manchester United and Fulham FC. We also provide the insight of our staff, former professional players and coaches who will pass on their years of knowledge and expertise. Our excursions include the organization of accommodations, meals, transportation, sightseeing, participation in organized fixtures and tournaments and the use of first class facilities for team training.
  • Economical tours designed by former professional players and coaches, with the budget conscious soccer team in mind.
  • Free soccer tour slots! 4 TOR’S Inc gives away one space for every 20 paying passengers.
  • Professional training and play! Your team will train and play against top international soccer clubs from around the world, providing a challenging opportunity to acquire new skills and learn different techniques whilst making new friends along the way.
  • International and national press for your team! Priceless!
  • All transportation, including bus transfers, ferry, pick-ups, taxes and tolls
  • Flexible meal plans ranging from full board to bed & breakfast depending on budget.
  • Choice of accommodations for players, coaches and parents.
  • Coaching clinics run by our federation certified and licenses coaches.
  • All tournament, game and coaching fee are paid for your club.
  • Supplemental medical and liability insurance for all member of your group.
  • All direct flights, If not, 4 TOR’S will guarantee a maximum of only 1 change per flight leg.
  • Breath taking sightseeing excursions for all cities visited.
  • A dedicated tour director to ensure that your tour goes as planned.
International Youth Soccer Tournaments:
Each year hundreds of youth soccer teams from all over the world converge on the European & South American continents to participate in prestigious international youth soccer tournaments such as the Gothia, Brazilian and Dana Cups. Our programs offer participants the opportunity to play in these fantastic tournaments enabling them to experience firsthand different cultures and styles of play. Each itinerary is unique and all extra-curricular activities such as sightseeing, coaching clinics, friendly games and entertainment can be customized to fit your team’s needs. Abbreviated tours can also be added at the beginning or end of a tournament to enhance your team's experience.

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U.S. Soccer tours & tournaments:
Known for their organization and intense competition, American youth soccer tournaments such as the Dallas Cup and the USA Cup attract hundreds of teams from all over the world each year. In addition to offering programs for these tournaments, we specialize in organizing soccer tours to Florida for teams of all ages and level. Our American soccer tours can be customized for pre-season training and can include competitive games against local teams, sightseeing excursions to Kennedy Space Center, Disney World and Universal Studios as well as training and accommodation at the official MLS pre-season training headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Year-Round Youth Soccer Tours:
These programs are designed to meet the needs of teams that prefer to participate in organized games at their own skill level instead of a tournament based tour. They are offered year-round and are flexible in terms of duration, itinerary and tour activities. Tours will usually consist of friendly games, coaching camps and clinics, and sight-seeing options, but most importantly can be customized to suit your teams need. We offer programs to the British Isles, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

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College Pre/Post Season Tours:
As former collegiate players, professionals and coaches, we know what ingredients are necessary to build a successful pre/post season training camp. To produce the “The Ultimate preseason tour”, we have incorporated those years of professional expertise and knowledge into each of our programs while always keeping the budget conscious team in mind. As such, we have placed more emphasis on diverse activities in our post-season programs as compared to a more professional styled approach for our pre-season programs. We offer custom tours to sunny South Florida, the lush Caribbean, enchanting Europe or stylish South America. Many of our Year Round Tours can be customized to fit your team’s pre/post season needs.

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Custom Youth Soccer Tours:
At 4Tors, we can design a custom tour that takes into account your budget, desire for cultural expansion and the need to be competitive, creating a tour that fits the specific needs of your team. Custom tours provide great flexibility, alternate options for friends and family and a chance to interact with top professional players and coaches.

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Individual Youth Soccer Tours:
Our most unique and accomplished program is "4 TORS UNITED". Each year during the summer we offer at least 2 diverse tours for individuals from all age groups, traveling to at least 2 different countries. There are a total of 8 teams each year; 4 per tour. They are separated into the following categories: Boys U 14-16, Girls U 14-16, Boys U-18 and Girls U-18. We take them on a unique soccer adventure which includes personal one on one instruction from our federation certified coaches, competitive games, involvement in tournaments to gauge their performance, and the overall exciting experience of interacting with numerous different cultures.

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Masters Tournaments & Tours:
We offer tours to several adult soccer tournaments both domestically and internationally. Our services include the organization of travel, accommodations, transportation, meals and entertainment. Visits to professional matches and a variety of sightseeing options are available depending on the time of year. Many of our Year Round Tours are ideally suited for teams of all ages and level.

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Easter Tournaments & Soccer Tours:
The Easter tournament schedule offers teams a unique alternative to get away from conventional training habits and participate in tournaments with teams from all over the world. These tournaments offer great flexibility for sight seeing opportunities such as stadium tours and actual pro games because the domestic season is usually in full swing. Many of our Year Round Tours are ideally suited for travel during the Easter holiday.

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